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A trained worker is an asset to the company. Our company offers in-house training at your premise’s for various facet of the industrial spectrum.

  1. Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings. An advanced training module that look at the following


    • Session1: Electing a Chairperson
    • Session2: Discipline in the Workplace
    • Session3: What is a dismissal?
    • Session4: Different types of dismissal
    • Session5: Procedural & Substantive Fairness
    • Session6: The Transgression
    • Session7: The Investigation
    • Session8: Evidence in Disciplinary Hearings
    • Session9: Witness Statements
    • Session10: Compiling the Charge Sheet
    • Session11: Employee representation in hearings
    • Session12: The Notice of Disciplinary Hearing
    • Session13: The participants in the hearing
    • Session14: Summary of steps in a formal hearing
    • Session15: Procedure for a Formal Disciplinary Hearing
    • Session16: A step-by-step guide for the Chairperson
    • Session17: Role Play
  2. Setting up and managing Employment Equity Committees
  3. Setting up Safety Committees and Doing Safety Audits and Inspections
  4. BBEEE and Skills Development Training

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